A study on status, consumption and perception of sustainable fashion for millennials in a luxury dominant market “UAE”, Mona Kazemy

This paper studies the scope of sustainable fashion and identifies the barriers to switching to sustainable fashion for different generational cohorts in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Since this market is dominated by luxury fashion brands, this research starts by studying the key motivational factors in approaching luxury fashion and focuses on the status and its role in the adoption of sustainable fashion. This study aims to analyze the attitudes of UAE millennials in the purchase decision and compare them to the other generational cohorts. More than a hundred female participants from different age groups responded to a survey distributed through UAE women’s Facebook groups and the researcher’s personal network. The quality and display of status were the main motivational factors in approaching luxury fashion brands. The importance of status and social class was the highest for millennials and generation X consumers. The two main barriers in switching to sustainable fashion brands were the lack of awareness and the increased importance of status. After baby boomers, millennials had the most significant number of consumers with little or knowledge about sustainability. Other barriers identified were limited availability of sustainable brands and a higher cost of sustainability. The important motivators for adopting sustainability were lower price, higher quality, and design variety.

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