Student Outcomes

The Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Online Learning Rebekah Chow, M.S. annually coordinates a collection of data pertaining to the employment of GCNYC alumni six months after graduating. These data are collected from alumni relations and publicly available sources in order to create a robust picture of our alumni. This merging of sources provides us with a knowledge rate, representing the percentage of alumni for whom we have data. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ (NACE), the recommended knowledge rate threshold is 65%; the knowledge rate for GCNYC is 98% as of June 2022.

Despite nearly half of them graduating in the middle of a world-wide pandemic, GCNYC students have fared quite well in their careers post-graduation. Out of 80 reachable graduates, one is currently seeking employment and one is not seeking employment. Of the remaining 78 graduates, all (98%) are employed or pursuing a doctoral degree (see Figure 1). Additionally, 67% of employed graduates are working in the fields of sustainability or social impact.

A further look at the 78 graduates working or pursuing a doctoral degree indicates that their education at GCNYC propelled them forward in their career (Figure 2). Only seven graduates remain in the same professional position as when they entered the college while 71 (91%) of them either advanced or pivoted into roles within sustainability or social impact.

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