Hyflex Learning Environment

GCNYC’s approach to in-person and online learning is to offer students choice and flexibility, with students participating in classes in-person or online simultaneously on weekday evenings. Beginning Fall 2021, students will choose among the following learning options each trimester when registering for classes:


Instructors will teach classes on campus at 64 Wooster Street in Soho. Students who choose in-person learning will attend each of the 12-weeks of the trimester on campus with the instructor. Social distancing and other safety protocols will be followed.


Students wishing to learn online can participate in the classes being taught on campus via Zoom. They will interact with their instructor and with other students, participating as fully as those in the classroom.


Students may want to choose a hybrid approach, attending in-person some weeks and via Zoom other weeks. The frequency of in-person participation is determined at the time of course registration.

In any given Trimester, you can create a schedule that dovetails with your busy life and additional commitments!

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