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Organizational Partnerships and Professional Education

GCNYC is proud to support organizations with innovative guidance in shifting their priorities and values for maximizing returns for everyone – businesses, employees, communities, the environment, and the greater world. 

Our partnership approach is rooted in the unique expertise of our community and our vanguard approach to sustainability, positive impact, and The Common Good. The expertise of our community is grounded in the dual importance of practical understanding and a long-term vision for a better world.

There are several ways in which GCNYC can partner and support the sustainability and impact strategy of your organization.


Educate employees on sustainability practice and standards

Develop sustainability strategies
for sourcing

Improve labor standards across
your supply chain​

Employee Education:  MS Matriculation

Support GCNYC MS degrees for your employees. Our classes are offered asynchronously online or live in the evenings. They are designed for working professionals, and have a proven track record of impact within the companies they work or join. Our alumni are intrapreneurs building sustainability efforts within their companies. We will help you structure an offer for your employees which supports the goals and needs of your company.


We create tailored one-time or series workshops aimed at specific, practical education for employees. Building from your organization or team’s needs, we create unique educational opportunities for employees at any level of your organization in order to support the sustainability and social mission, values, and goals of your company.

Custom Professional Education

GCNYC offers custom professional asynchronous and synchronous certificate programs geared towards what your company needs today.


Supported by a foundation in research and existing faculty and staff expertise, we serve to help you solve the sustainability and impact challenges your team or company faces including DEI strategy, sustainability management and strategy, supply chain strategy, product lifecycle auditing, mission and values development, metric and KPI development for impact and sustainability, and many more.


We partner with businesses and non-profits to facilitate ongoing research needs, orienting to actionable solutions for our partners. The best business decisions are rooted in sound data. From qualitative studies to far reaching surveys, our expert staff and faculty can devise a methodology to suit your organization’s goals, giving you a leg up with unique, proprietary data to utilize for decision making.

Values-Based People Management  

The people of your organization are your most valuable and important asset. Training management in effective values and ethics-based leadership can ensure a more engaged workforce who support the goals of your organization.

Corporate Training

Shifting your organization for positive impact means bringing your stakeholders with you on your journey. We provide comprehensive training for organizations of any size to ensure you have everyone in your organization working towards the same shared goals. 

Innovation Sprints

Innovation is the most direct way to create value for your organization and stakeholders and carve out a unique position in your industry or market. Solving the big issues facing your organization and the world requires outside-of-the-box thinking and dynamic innovation. GCNYC facilitates innovation sprints with your teams to support the development of novel solutions, products, services, resulting in new sources of value for your organization and a team empowered to execute. 


Organizations are often incentivized to remain siloed when approaching challenges. At the same time, challenges affecting your organization are often broad, systemic, and require many stakeholders to help solve. In our unique position at the intersection of business, advocacy, and the academy at both a local and global level, we bring a wide range of stakeholders together in a neutral space, leveraging our existing partnership network. In bringing different organizational and individual stakeholders together around a shared problem, novel solutions can be found, resulting in dynamic and sustainable “wins” for all involved.

Past Learning Solutions Clients

Glasgow Caledonian New York College has worked with and delivered tailor-made learning solutions for renowned technology and fashion retail companies including: Macy’s, IBM, Walmart’s BONOBOS.

Previous corporate collaborations included a multi-week speaker series, a pilot initiative using blockchain technology and bespoke sustainability training. Our learning solutions are well-positioned to support internal sustainability or corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Inquire about corporate learning solutions with GCNYC!

Partner with Glasgow Caledonian New York College and invest in social impact professional development through our corporate learning solutions. Equip your workforce with the tools and frameworks to transform businesses into agile, purposeful enterprises that seamlessly balance profitability with making a positive contribution to society.

For questions or additional information about our learning solution offerings, please reach out to We look forward to working with you!

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