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Glasgow Caledonian New York College (GCNYC) is excited to work with liberal arts colleges and universities, as well as HBCU’s, to create a pathway for undergraduates to pursue their master’s degree in Sustainable Fashion or Business for Social Impact and Sustainability at GCNYC.

Hartwick College

Hartwick College school logo.
GCNYC partners with Hartwick College, a liberal arts college located in Oneonta, New York, to provide Hartwick graduates with the opportunity to further their academic studies through a Master of Science degree program. Eligibility, admissions details, and scholarships are outlined below.

Eligibility & Application Requirements

Students who have successfully met graduation requirements in Hartwick College’s bachelor’s programs with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 are eligible to apply.

Students are provided with an expedited application process to GCNYC’s M.S. in Business for Social Impact and Sustainability or M.S. in Sustainable Fashion, working directly with GCNYC’s Director of Recruitment and Admissions or GCNYC’s Recruitment and Admissions Officer to submit the following application materials.

Click the link above to start the application process. Note: the $50 application fee is waived.

Submit an up-to-date résumé for the Admissions Team to review.


Glasgow Caledonian New York College requires all post-secondary school transcripts for admission. Unofficial transcripts are allowed for application review but official transcripts must be submitted upon admittance.


500-750 word statement focusing on:

  • your reasons for applying to the program and your interest in GCNYC’s Common Good mission.
  • the specific skills and attributes you will bring to the program.
  • how you believe the program will impact your future career goals and plans

The Admissions Team requires one (1) letter of reference by a faculty member with whom you have studied, who can assess your academic work, intellectual ability, academic potential for graduate work, address your suitability for a master’s program and your passion for the Common Good.

Scholarships & Graduate Assistantships

Hartwick graduates who are accepted into a GCNYC M.S. program will be provided the below benefits.

Note: students will have the option to complete their programs online or on campus.

3.0 to 3.49 GPA $7,500 scholarship
$3,000 graduate assistantship with the Center for Social Impact & Innovation
3.5 GPA or higher $10,000 scholarship
$3,000 graduate assistantship with the Center for Social Impact & Innovation

Inquire about Pathway Partnerships with GCNYC!

Partner with Glasgow Caledonian New York College to set up an articulation agreement for your graduates to pursue their academic goals by enrolling in either the M.S. in Sustainable Fashion or M.S. in Business for Social Impact and Sustainability program.

For questions or additional information about a potential partnership, please reach out to We look forward to working with you and your graduates!

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