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Meet GCNYC Alumni

Our distinguished Alumni are contributing to the common good through organizations across the globe. Learn more about their roles, what they studied, and their GCNYC experience.

Emily Bass

Emily is Director of Design and Merchandising at Children’s Apparel Network, a childrenswear company, and also became the company’s Sustainability Lead after receiving her Master of Science in Sustainable Fashion. She was the first to hold such a position at Children’s Apparel Network and was charged with initiating and leading their sustainability strategy.

“I knew I wanted to be in the space of sustainability, of circularity, and in textile sustainability. My education from GCNYC has projected into a role of managing and advising my company as they begin their sustainable fashion shift. Understanding the larger picture of global business and climate change is essential to positively impacting today’s fashion companies.”

“GCNYC has a unified community through students, faculty, staff, and the larger GCU family joined in their commitment to the common good. We are all trying to better our communities and are eager to help each other reach our shared goals. “
“My thesis title is Circularity in the Fashion Industry: Communication Gaps in Textile-to-Textile Recycling.” 

Beto Bina

A graduate of GCNYC’s M.S. in Business for Social Impact and Sustainability, Beto is Sourcing Manager for VEJA sneakers where he leads supply-chain networks focused on materials and climate-positive environments, especially in rubber, organic cotton, leather, and other innovative materials.  In 2017, he also became a social entrepreneur, co-founding FARFARM, which develops regenerative fibers and fabrics using agroforestry systems in the Brazilian Amazon.  FARFARM was a start-up winner of the Climate Ventures Brazil, incubated by AmazoniaUP (Amazonian Entrepreneur Center) and by Fashion for Good, Plug & Play in Amsterdam. 

“My background is in business strategy, but I have always worked as a strategist in advertising agencies. While turning 30 years old, I decided that I needed to change and align my career to have a direct positive impact in communities and the environment. After investigating many possibilities, I founded FARFARM to develop supply-chains through regenerative agriculture and family farmers.”

“Agriculture wasn’t my background, so I felt I needed to dive deeper. Using the methods learned at GCNYC, I could investigate more about the subject and apply that to my business. My thesis was also on the regenerative agriculture topic, which allowed me to interview many experts in the industry and provide recommendations that guided myself and my business.”

“To trust the learning process. Sometimes we feel lost and anxious about all the possibilities we have, but if you dive deeper into a subject, you are going to find something that clicks and resonates. To find your path, sometimes you have to jump in the dark.

Louise Claughton

After receiving her master’s degree from GCNYC, Louise was promoted to Vice President Raw Material Strategy North America for PVH Corp. She is a Raw Material and Sourcing expert with experience in global apparel sourcing, product development, textile manufacture, garment manufacture and compliance. 

“As a VP of Raw Materials, it was imperative to understand risk management that exists within supply chains.

“The courses at GCNYC were crucial to how I navigated the pandemic in 2020 and lead my team’s swift response to the disruption of our industry.”
“If brands take responsibility and accountability, as a whole we can come together to make a difference.”

Frank Gargione

Frank Gargione is a social justice and sustainability-focused storyteller creating dynamic content and engagement strategies. As writer and designer, Frank directs narrative, creates engaging copy and marketing plans, develops product and visual collateral, and produces social media content for a range of forward-looking organizations. His designs have appeared in ​WWD, GQ, Nylon, a​nd elsewhere; and his writing has been published including within the Likemind and Curbed networks and on

Currently, Frank is Communications Director at Movement Strategy Center (MSC), where he is working to authentically share the stories of each of MSC’s activist partners while relaunching the intermediary’s branding and web presence and jumpstarting MSC’s social media presence. He received his Master of Science in Business for Social Impact and Sustainability.

I hoped to move into a sustainability or CSR role at a fashion brand or find a role as a designer at a newer brand with a focus on sustainability and transparency. Of course, COVID happened, an accessories design role I had started that was intended to become permanent was eliminated; a startup I was working with folded; and I found myself relying more and more on my writing and communications skills – work I was doing at the very start of my career and that I had often done as a side gig. It felt right, especially as the retail industry continued its long, slow, contraction. By the second half of my time at GCNYC I was no longer designing, but writing copy for a sustainable brand, creating content for an outdoors nonprofit, and developing articles and listicles for a collection of editorial websites and newsletters.

I would have to say it’s the passion and commitment of the faculty – GCNYC professors walk the walk and talk the talk. They want to change the world for the better and they want to help their classes change the world for the better.

Natalie Hojell

Natalie is a Consultant for Sustainable Production and Consumption at Anthesis Group, committed to growing productive and sustainable organizations and ecosystems. She is especially passionate about waste reduction and creative reuse. She received her Master of Science in Sustainable Fashion.

“Although I wasn’t actively pursuing a graduate degree it seemed like the opportunity revealed itself. The flexibility, school’s mission and focus, and cost all fit my life very well. “

“I feel that the community of peers and mentors I met during my time at GCNYC was fantastic. Being surrounded by people driven by a similar mission was very powerful. The systems thinking course taught by Seisei was very impactful; She opened our minds up to considering how actions affect the system they are within. The course was interactive, insightful, and fun.”

The GCNYC Alumni community is so supportive and that makes all the difference.”

Jennifer Horner

After receiving her Master of Science in Sustainable Fashion at GCNYC, Jennifer became Corporate Responsibility Specialist at PVH Corp. and is now Operations Associate at, which provides infrastructure and content for purpose-driven employee and client management.

“I wanted to influence business leaders to value the health of people and our planet.”

“Earning a master’s degree from GCNYC has opened up a plethora of opportunities for me within the developing field of sustainable business which has been gaining significant momentum!”
“Combining my experience in the supply chain with a Master’s in International Fashion Marketing, I am helping to expand and evolve my company’s sustainability strategy. This includes educating people across various functions of the business on how their day-to-day work can have adverse impacts on suppliers and their workers. As a side hustle, I empower others by coaching them on how to set and achieve their fitness and nutrition goals.”

Megan Meiklejohn

Megan is a certified sustainability practitioner who graduated from GCNYC with a Master’s Degree in Business for Social Impact and Sustainability. As the SVP of Supply Chain Innovation, Land to Market Program at the Savory Institute, Megan has applied her knowledge from her degree to build achievable strategies that are aligned with business goals. She was featured in WWD.

“Global Political Economy was an incredibly impactful course and it was taught in a methodical, organized, and thought-provoking way. Thinking through the numerous case studies with the teacher, Meredith Wilf, made us think differently, more strategically, about real world issues and how businesses approach geopolitical challenges.”

“It felt important to pair my sustainability expertise with a foundational business knowledge to develop and recommend sustainability strategies that are also aligned with business goals.”

“Most if not all classes highlight the systemic challenges and nuances that have to be considered when trying to make sustainability-based decisions. I now feel more empowered and capable of incorporating business and profit strategies into sustainability plans.”

Peju Onile-Ere

After 14 years of a combined successful career in technology, investment banking, publishing, fashion and the eCommerce industries, Peju received her Master of Science in Business for Social Impact and Sustainability. After graduating, Peju has since consulted with various professional leaders and individuals, providing values and vision-based leadership, including well-being advisory for life-work harmony.  Peju is also the host and producer of The BadassFabulous Podcast which is a faith and courage-based well-being podcast that helps people become more of who they were created to be in a fearless way.

My GCNYC education has allowed me to know that everything I intend to do in my career is now related to helping companies and individuals understand the transformation they need grow through, in order for them create and complete initiatives that serves the greater good.”

The systems and design thinking approach to almost everything, where we had to look deeper into every project we worked on and how creating a great solution might simultaneously cause a new problem in a different way or area. I also liked the well-being aspect to the program, most of the instructors were quite mindful and challenged us as well in a positive way.

Title: The Relationship Between Employees’ Satisfaction And Corporate Culture: The Role Of Community In Workplace Culture That Enhance Employee Well-Being And Institutional Success. I have expanded on what I learnt from doing the research and currently use that as a base in working with individuals which has helped in delivering great results.

Elizabeth Pulos

As Director, Global Sustainability for Converse, Elizabeth is responsible for shaping and leading the enterprise sustainability strategy in partnership with Nike and cross-functional partners as part of their Move to Zero journey. She earned a Master of Science in Sustainable Fashion

“After receiving my bachelor’s in International Trade & Marketing from FIT, I worked at a NGO focused on labor standards in factories, which led to my current role at Macy’s in Sustainability and Social Impact. GCNYC came onto my radar because Macy’s was a member of the Fair Fashion Center and they were offering scholarships and fast-tracked applications for the first cohort.”

“Most formal education doesn’t teach you how to think. Anyone can read a book and learn content, but solving problems is hard. GCNYC is a place where fashion professionals interested in ethical production and consumption can meet and share ideas.”

“COVID-19 has accelerated the need for companies to focus on environmental and social impact, and the financial risks and opportunities associated with ESG issues. This means we need to look beyond the traditional CSR and sustainability teams to incubate these ideals at every level of the organization. GCNYC can act as a connector of creative professionals who seed smart solutions throughout the industry.”

Mallory Scott

As an Account Luxury Manager at The Real Real, Mallory is an expert in luxury consignment, the circular economy, and sustainability. She received her Master of Science in Business for Social Impact and Sustainability.

“To learn more about sustainability within the fashion world, for a career shift, and most importantly, to challenge myself in general.”

“What I really liked was that it was built around working professionals and was incredibly affordable compared to other grad schools in NYC.”
“If COVID has taught us anything, it is that life hits you with unexpected situations and you have to adapt to them.”

Wesley Scott

Wesley Scott is a Clothing Designer for 3sixteen, a NYC based menswear brand. He is also Co-founder, Partner, and Designer for Mount Sunny, a wellness studio in Phoenix Arizona with an in-house supplement and sustainably-sourced clothing line. He got his Masters of Science in Business for Social Impact and Sustainability.

International This program’s focus on sustainability and business gave everyone in my classes a foundation of business acumen and then built on that with a focus on ethical practices, sustainability knowledge, and the understanding of how to create lasting impact.”

“I became a co-founder and have since been slowly developing a sustainably made clothing collection that is sold alongside their supplement line and in their practice. Therefore, I wanted to deepen my knowledge of ethical business and sustainability and share a classroom with like-minded individuals.”

“Anyone who has an interest in making a positive impact on the world, on any scale, would be lucky to have the guidance and expertise of the GCNYC community, whether that be through courses or a full program.”

Kiki Van Son

After graduating, Kiki served as the Digital Director for the Center for Humane Technology where she focused on mobilizing people to take action and reimagine 21st-century digital infrastructure that supports wellbeing, democracy, and our shared information environment after the release of the Netflix documentary, The Social Dilemma.

She’s now writing the rules of advertising as the Director of Marketing for PlantBaby, an innovative nutrition company that designs clean and healthy plant-based foods and beverages to fuel the next generation. She received her Master of Science in Business for Social Impact and Sustainability.

“I felt as though I was perpetuating a broken system by further investing in social media platforms as an advertiser, and I decided to return to school to give myself space to study the problem, pinpoint exactly what the problem was, the role social media played, how it related to an advertising business model, and the connection to how we consume news, understand the world, and make decisions.”

“At GCNYC, we were in small, intimate classes that were conversation-based. In addition to intellectual conversations, my professors also made space for emotional health, emphasizing meditation, movement, and honest self expression.”

“I was grateful to learn about topics of sustainability not directly in my line of work. It only benefited me to have a larger perspective and connect the issues of social media to an even bigger picture of system failure.”

Shannon Welch

Shannon is the Sustainability Division Director of Chapter 2, a Public Relations Agency and Director of Strategic & Creative Partnerships for Fashion Revolution USA, a non-profit promoting social justice in the fashion industry. She received her Master of Science in Business for Social Impact and Sustainability. Shannon was featured in BOF.

“GCNYC offers a well-rounded curriculum on sustainability including the finance industry, business, fashion and social impact. I’m very happy I chose GCNYC as I got a very one-on-one education in a supportive environment.”

“My one piece of advice for someone pursuing a career in fashion sustainability is to  build relationships and be sincere. It’s a small industry and someone you meet one day, you will absolutely reconnect with down the road.”
“The biggest challenge is that these brands (and companies in general) are not set up to reward their sustainability achievements in the same manner that profitability is rewarded.”

Lorenza Wong

As a leader in fashion and apparel with 30 years of experience, Lorenza has a proven track record of success driving product lifecycle management, global raw material sourcing, fabric R&D, and textile innovation. She received her Master of Science in Sustainable Fashion.

“I knew I wanted to be in the space of sustainability, of circularity, and in textile sustainability. GCNYC was the only next step that made sense.”

“While at GCNYC I was actually actively teaching students elsewhere, and the classes at GCNYC were so relevant to what I was teaching that I started incorporating everything I was learning into my curriculum.”
“You can’t work within the now, you have to envision the future.” 

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