Dr. JeffriAnne Wilder

JeffriAnne Wilder, Ph.D. Dr. JeffriAnne Wilder is a sociologist, writer, and thought leader. As a consultant, speaker, coach, and commentator, JeffriAnne specializes in various aspects of intersectional equity, including anti-racism and women’s empowerment. JeffriAnne is one of the nation’s leading experts on colorism in black American society with her research on colorism studies spanning more …

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Gardy J. Guiteau, M.Ed.

Gardy J. Guiteau ME.d Gardy Guiteau is Director of the Master of Science in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion program at Glasgow Caledonian New York College (GCNYC). A social justice educator and consultant who has worked with faculty, staff, and students at schools, colleges, and universities across the United States, Gardy is an accomplished leader in …

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Faculty Profile- Dr. Tammy Hodo

Dr Tammy Hodo Dr. Hodo is the founder and President of All Things Diverse LLC, which provides consulting services to businesses, academic institutions, non-profit organizations, and government entities who value diversity and want to develop a high performing inclusive workforce. All Things Diverse, LLC is dedicated to helping organizations realize the full potential that can …

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Faculty Profile -Krishanti Dhamaraj

Krishanti Dharmaraj Krishanti Dharmaraj is a human rights advocate and a practitioner dedicated to realizing safety, equity, andwellbeing within communities, institutions, cities and the wider world. She works at the intersection of rights,leadership, and identity to achieve her purpose. She has three decades of experience advocating toadvance women’s human rights at local, national, regional, and …

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Watch Alumna Charcy Evers’ Tedx Talk on The Cultural Currency of Meaning

Charcy Evers graduated from GCNYC in April 2021 with a MS in Business for Social Impact and Sustainability.  Her thesis focused on the currency of meaning and toxic positivity in American culture.⁠ She adapted her master’s research and presented ‘The Cultural Currency of Meaning’ at TEDxWilmington in January 2022. Click here to watch.

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