Career Services at GCNYC

We are excited to offer our students and alumni career services to help them manifest their impact and sustainability-focused education in their career journey.

Our Approach

Career Services at GCNYC are rooted in the three pillars of career counseling, career resources, and career programming. We do not offer job placements at this time.

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1:1 Career Counseling

  • Guided Career Goals Self Discovery
  • Career Development Plan Support
  • Resume Review
  • Personal Branding & Positioning
  • Interview Preparation
  • Networking 101
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Career Resources

  • Open Access Career Services Videos
  • Open Access Career Tools & Templates
  • GCNYC Student & Alumni LinkedIn Group
  • Courtesy Impact & Sustainability Job Posts
  • Alumni Mentorships
  • External Resource Lists
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Career Programming

  • Career Conversations
  • Student & Alumni Career Roundtables
  • Developing Your Personal Career Plan & Positioning

Our Process

Our process is rooted in career management and development.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

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Guided Career Goals Self Discovery
In a rapidly changing world with a swiftly moving job market, it’s easy to get lost. It is imperative to know what you want for the next step in your career to be effective in the hunt. Often those hiring in sustainability and impact are looking to you to be a guiding force, starting in the application and interview process. GCNYC Career Services help you understand what you want, what you need, and what is out there to determine a path and goals that are right for you.
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Career Development Plan
Once you know what you want, GCNYC Career Services can help you break down and operationalize the process of finding your next role in a way that is manageable and in service to your goals. This might include skill building, understanding where to find the role you are looking for, or how to supportively network to achieve your goals.
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Personal Branding & Positioning

Effective storytelling about your career experience is very important to securing the role you want in sustainability or impact. Today’s job market is frenetic and fast moving; it is increasingly necessary for hiring managers to quickly understand your career narrative in a way that makes them feel you were born for the role. GCNYC Career Services supports the development of your personal branding and positioning to help you be seen in a way that supports achieving your career goals.

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Once your career goals, plan and personal positioning are aligned, it is necessary to update your resume. As one of the most important items for your career journey, it is important your resume supports your storytelling and goals. GCNYC Career Services will help you structure your resume to showcase the experience most aligned to the roles you want and to effectively communicate the positioning needed to achieve your career goals.

Career Outcomes

GCNYC has a proven track record of helping students advance in their career and developing their skills and knowledge in a way that makes a meaningful impact on the world around them.


of students pivot to or advance their career in sustainability or social impact within six months of graduation.


of graduates are employed or starting a business.

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