Career Services

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Career Services

We are excited to offer to our students and alumni career services to help them manifest their impact and sustainability-focused education in their career journey.

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Career Counseling

Current students and alumni can meet with Michelle Gabriel, our Director of Career Services for a 50 min, one-on-one session.

During one-on-one career counseling appointments, we work closely with you to build frameworks for personal career success.

We will work with you to:


  • Investigate how your values intersect with your career needs
  • Understand how to blend your on-the-ground needs with your ideal career
  • Understand what roles are aligned to your skills and goals
  • Understand how the workforce, workplace, and roles in impact are evolving


  • Assist you in skill building to help prepare you for your ideal career
  • Provide professional resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn support to help you best position yourself
  • Share our custom toolset developed to support you in a values-driven career


  • Inform and connect you to resources that can assist in your job search
  • Help prepare you for interviews
  • Help match you with known opportunities


How to Make a One-On-One Appointment

Reach out to Michelle Gabriel at

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