Consumption and the Common Good: Rental, Resale, Repair and Recycle

WHEN: Thursday, September 23rd at 12:00 PM EDT

WHAT: The “growth at all costs” mindset that permeates global business today results in a litany of negative outcomes for people, communities, and the planet. To fuel economic growth, businesses continue to drive higher consumption rates among existing and new consumers, often utilizing tactics such as marketing to drive desire or planned obsolescence to reduce efficacy and longevity. This ever-increasing consumption interrupts the fabric of our lives from changes to architecture, the creation and growth of new industries which help manage all we now own, media which showcases overconsumption as entertainment, and the untold amounts of waste which fills our landfills and litters our waterways that now must be managed.

In light of these issues, a critical discussion about the nature and embeddedness of consumption in our culture has moved from the fringe to the forefront, engaging a range of stakeholders along the way. What systems must we rethink to reduce the volumes of consumption globally? What policy tools are necessary to combat overconsumption and the resulting waste? What must we personally examine to shift individual consumption behavior?

GCNYC and The Center for Social Impact and Innovation’s series Consumption and The Common Good brings together voices of researchers, advocates, and businesses to discuss the effects consumption and imagine solutions that support a sustainable and equitable world.

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