Strategy Frameworks Meet Critical Theories — For the Common Good

WHEN: Tuesday, October 5th at 12:00 PM EDT

WHAT: The critical reappraisal of the role and impact of business in society at the core of GCNYC’s mission challenges power, sees through male domination and white supremacy, and conceives of humanity in nature as an interconnected system, replete with meaning and vulnerable to the feedback loops of overconsumption featured in this trimester’s companion Center series. Michelle Gabriel, Director of Strategic Partnerships, faculty member, and doctoral candidate with the Yunus Centre, will marshal the critical theories of Donella Meadows, Jane Jacobs, and Rebecca Solnit in the company of Michel Foucault to question the capacity of status quo business organizations to possibly change fast enough.

Taking the clarity and urgency of this critique as a starting point, Gastón de los Reyes, Associate Professor and Center Director, will make the case that business professionals—our graduates—can empower themselves to make conscious and constructive contributions to humanity with the aid of a well-constructed strategy framework. Gastón develops the argument with an intellectual history of the subject of business strategy as the foundation for a framework that infuses a conception of deliberative democracy to guide professionals in the creation of intelligent, network structures of democratic governance that promote well-being and planetary healing.

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For more details, visit the GCNYC Center for Social Impact and Innovation events page.

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