Building Back Better: The Role of Social Innovation

WHEN: Thursday, September 30th at 12:00 PM EDT

WHAT: As we continue to be transformed by the far-reaching effects of the COVID-19 virus, we have the opportunity and the imperative to build back differently to create a better world, departing from practices which have gotten us to the challenging place we now find ourselves.

Whereas the mainstream now grants that sustainability and social impact are essential economic considerations as we build resiliency and learn from the pandemic’s recession and devastation, at GCNYC we know that simply layering “sustainability” and “social impact” onto business as usual is neither effective nor transformative enough to clean up and move past the deleterious effects of still-mainstream business practices. This trimester’s practice series examines how to transform business from within, by utilizing organizational models selected and designed to harbor innovative and collaborative pathways towards social and environmental good.

GCNYC and the Center for Social Impact and Innovation is excited to present Building Back Better, bringing experts from business and the academy to share practical insights for social innovators seeking to create successful, transformative organizations founded upon equity and inclusion.

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For more details, visit the GCNYC Center for Social Impact and Innovation events page.

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