Glasgow Caledonian New York College announces the launch of their Master of Science in Sustainable
Fashion degree program. Enrollments begin in January, April, and September.

GCNYC has launched a Master of Science in Sustainable Fashion. Replacing the College’s previous M.S.
in International Fashion Marketing, the new degree program provides the fresh vision needed to steer
the fashion industry towards a stable, prosperous future in line with the needs of the planet.

Unique among college programs focusing on fashion, GCNYC’s M.S. in Sustainable Fashion prepares
students for leadership in transforming the business and creative strategies of the fashion industry to
support sustainability, social equity, and ethical practice. Students in the Sustainable Fashion program
will learn the benefits of operating a business under a new paradigm, from supply chain to marketing
messaging, eschewing the former singular goal of profit for shareholders and replacing that with the
need to serve a wide range of stakeholders. Success under such a paradigm is not just doing better than
before but actively doing good.

GCNYC’s Vice President & Provost Dr. Jacqueline LeBlanc commented, “The M.S. in Sustainable
Fashion will produce leaders that fashion businesses need now, who will dramatically re-think the future
of an industry that has been evolving to support a sustainable environment.”
GCNYC is New York City’s College for the Common Good. Dedicated to education through the lens of
sustainability, GCNYC educates graduate students to be successful, compassionate leaders in
sustainability and social impact. Guided by knowledgeable and experienced faculty, students learn to
re-imagine business within the context of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, balancing profitability
with the well-being of communities and the planet. GCNYC was founded by Glasgow Caledonian
University, which has more than 20,000 students worldwide and 150 years of academic excellence.

Image credit for previous image shown: Desky desk.com.au

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