Start with the Right Education: GCNYC featured in Sourcing Journal 2022 Circularity Report

Today’s world is fast-paced and facing myriad systemic challenges. The fashion industry of today is a significant source of pollution, human suffering, and other negative effects, contributing to climate change, geopolitical instability, and significant human rights issues. The transformative power of education can be an important tool to engage with such complex issues. GCNYC is proud to have the only Sustainable Fashion graduate program in the Americas, bringing a novel management approach to a unique and complex global fashion system.

Glasgow Caledonian New York college is unique in its approach to sustainability, building a graduate school directly from the frameworks of social impact and sustainability instead of layering these on to existing concepts, curriculum, and educational approaches. GCNYC’s educational approach aims to empower our community to bring meaningful positive change to business, non profit, NGO and governmental organizations.

Sustainable Fashion Program Director, Michelle Gabriel shared her insights with Kasi Martin of Sourcing Journal. She stresses the importance of transforming education systems for positively impactful results for individuals, communities and our global society, stating that, “even the most forward programs today aren’t reconceptualizing fashion–they’re preparing students to work in the industry of the past, not participate in shaping a new one.”

You can download the full 2022 Circularity Report here.

You can access the individual stand alone article here.

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