GCNYC Tops the Positive Impact Rating 2022

Glasgow Caledonian New York College is proud to have achieved the highest positive impact rating of 5 in the Positive Impact Rating (PIR) for Business Schools 2022.

The PIR was created by concerned business school experts together with global NGOs – WWF, Oxfam, UN Global Compact – and international student associations. PIR is a student a student-led rating indicating how much a business school contributes to impact the societal issues at hand positively. It reflects the steps, initiatives, and empowerment students were able to achieve through the school they are part of.

GCNYC has embedded our commitment to the Common Good within our curriculum, enabling graduates to enter positive-impact careers with the knowledge and skills they need to address the challenges of today and with the critical thinking to be impactful in a unknown future. GCNYC’s sustainability-integrated master’s programs help built a community of changemakers, innovators, and researchers all invested in a more equitable and sustainable world.

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