Holistic Understanding of Urban Innovation Districts: Navy Yard, Brooklyn and Medellin, Colombia., Angela Rodriguez

The changing landscape across all spectrums of economic, political, social, and broader market forces has led many stakeholders within an ecosystem to adapt to the environment. This adaptation varies, and many urban areas have begun to focus on urban resilience, a popularized concept that has become fluid amongst many sectors. Urban areas have begun to approach this through urban innovation districts, coinciding with the growth of innovation, and public private partnerships. These districts have molded and identified to the locality they exist in. These new models of innovation districts have been leveraged to innovate and develop the locality they are in, thus enhancing the resiliency of the community. Navy Yard, Brooklyn and Medellin, Colombia are two locations of many that have implemented these new models of innovation. Their communities have changed drastically, and become known to the larger regions in which they reside as exemplary examples of transformation, particularly for the local communities who were in need of resilience. Their approach and transformation leads to analysis of what are the conditions under which rebuilding local resilience is possible using urban innovation districts?

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