Certificate in Measuring Sustainable Fashion: Understanding and Applying Data

GCNYC offers this program in collaboration with Fashion Revolution USA

About This Program:

Designed for fashion industry professionals, this non-credit certificate introduces participants to the sustainable fashion data landscape as well as best practices in using data for positive impact decision-making. Learning from both fashion practitioners, academics, and data scientists, those who complete the certificate will better understand the unique challenges of the fashion data landscape and how to make empowered, effective, evidence-based sustainability decisions in a flawed data system.

Those who complete the certificate will be able to make better sustainability decisions on the job through increased knowledge of data practices, data tools and best practices in using data for assessment in the fashion industry.

Classes start: 2023 registration is closed

Courses are fully online with synchronous classes via Zoom.

Tuition and Transfer Credit:

Fee: $2,325

Students who complete the certificate and enroll in GCNYC’s Master’s of Science in Sustainable Fashion will receive transfer credit towards this degree.

Course Details

Program Structure

The classes of this certificate are live and interactive, featuring guest speakers who work with data to measure sustainability and social impact specifically for the fashion industry. The final module of the certificate is exclusively focused on an applied project completed under the guidance of advisors who are experts in fashion as well as data science and in partnership with Fashion Revolution USA.

Course 1: The Fashion Data Landscape

April 15, April 22, and April 29, 2023
9am ET/1pm GMT - 12pm ET/4pm GMT

Course 2: Data Literacy for Decision-Making

May 6, May 13, and May 20, 2023
9am ET/1pm GMT - 12pm ET/4pm GMT

Course 3: Applied Project in Fashion Data for Sustainability

Project kick off: May 27, 2023
Followed by independent work and meetings with project advisor
Final project delivery: June 10, 2023
9am ET/1pm GMT - 12pm ET/4pm GMT

Meet Our Faculty

Michelle Gabriel
Program Director, M.S. in Sustainable Fashion

Liv Simpliciano
Policy & Research Manager
Fashion Revolution

Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas
Professor of Marketing & Sustainable Business
British School of Fashion, GCU London

Courses & Curriculum

The fashion industry is facing a challenging data landscape. Lack of transparency, siloed data, data paywalls, and misinformation abound and keep the industry from making effective progress towards sustainability and impact targets. It is increasingly important to be data literate and to understand how to effectively leverage data in order to be an agent of positive change for the global fashion industry. This course breaks down data basics, the current fashion data landscape, measurement tools, data ethics, motivations for using data, and debunking data myths. By the end of this module, participants will understand why data matters and the role data has in the state of sustainability in the fashion industry.

Reliable and accessible data is the cornerstone to a transparent global fashion industry and is one of the most important tools for driving transformative change. Armed with the insights to navigate the sustainable fashion landscape, participants will learn the best practices to use this data for strategic decision-making in part two of this certificate program. This module will cover the practical understanding of the tools available, standards in place, capabilities needed, and the importance of visualization and storytelling in leveraging data for impact-outcomes for the global fashion industry. Students will practice their skills by completing a project in partnership with Fashion Revolution USA which leverages the methodology of the Fashion Transparency Index. Reliable and accessible data is the cornerstone to a transparent global fashion industry and is one of the most important tools for driving transformative change.

After understanding the fashion industry data landscape, the challenges of current data, how to leverage data for impact outcomes, and the value of data-driven decision making, students will apply this knowledge to a tangible and practical project outcome. Supporting Fashion Revolution USA’s Fashion Transparency Index or a unique project supporting impact at a data-led organization, participants will conduct independent research on a fashion brand or sustainability challenge, under the guidance of Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas EdD, Professor of Marketing and Sustainable Business for The British School of Fashion at Glasgow Caledonian University, London. Through this project-focused course, students have the opportunity to have a genuine impact on the fashion industry, supporting the effort to push and incentivize the world’s fashion brands to be more transparent about their social and environmental efforts.

Our Collaborative Partner

Fashion Revolution USA

Fashion Revolution USA is the local chapter of the world’s largest fashion activism movement, mobilizing citizens, brands and policymakers through research, education and advocacy. GCNYC is proud to partner with Fashion Revolution USA on this novel educational opportunity.

Hear From Our Students

Not only did the certificate course introduce us to data challenges facing the fashion industry, it also helped me connect with other sustainability- and impact-focused practitioners. Our class discussions gave us all the chance to share opinions, experiences and perspectives. I feel lucky we had such a diverse group to learn from!
This program offered the incredible opportunity to learn directly from industry sustainability experts on how to source and evaluate data in order to discern between what is misleading or meaningful, and what is missing. This is so critical in our work to achieve optimal impact and to create real change towards a more sustainable apparel industry.
The course was beneficial for me both academically and professionally, giving me skills to analyze transparency within the fashion industry and present my findings in an informative way with data visualization.
Understanding how to read, analyze and interpret data is an important tool in decision making. Data allows for storytelling and engagement which is a powerful messaging tool bringing inspiration and commitment.
Lorenza Wong
Student, New Jersey, US
As an active Fashion Revolution USA Lead, the Data Certificate program was a great eye opener to understanding the depth and complexities of data within the fashion industry. Learning from industry and academic experts and educators, this coursework and network inspired me to pursue a degree with Glasgow Caledonian New York College.

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