Registration and Academic Services

In this section you will find information about course registration and other Academic Services.

These instructions are for returning students only. New students will be registered for classes via the Admissions Office.

GCNYC Students are responsible for registering for their courses each trimester and being aware of registration dates (located in the Academic Calendar). Students in good financial standing will receive an email from the Registrar on the first day of the registration period containing a link to the registration page for that trimester. Students must register for courses via this page. 

Updating Your Contact Information

The Office of the Registrar maintains addresses and telephone numbers for currently enrolled students. It is important for all students, especially international students, to keep their home and local addresses and phone numbers current in the Colleges records. Please contact to request an update or complete the online form.

Legal Change of Name

Currently enrolled students who legally change their names should file the Change of Name form with the Registrar along with required legal proof of the name change, such as a marriage license, a driver’s license, a passport, or divorce papers. This form and supporting documents must be submitted to

Information for transgender students

Transgender students and alumni who have legally changed their names can file the Change of Name form with the Registrar using the procedure noted above. Current transgender students who have not legally changed their names can request that the college notify their instructors of their preferred first name and pronoun. Students should contact the Office of the Registrar for more information.

Students wishing to withdraw temporarily from the College should consult with the Director of Academic Engagement they will assist with the completion of the request form that is submitted to the Office of the Registrar. Normally, a Leave of Absence from study is granted for one trimester but may be extended to a maximum of two trimesters in exceptional circumstances. Students applying for a leave of absence must be in good academic and social standing. An approved leave of absence provides students with the right to return to the College and register for a future trimester without applying for readmission.

A Leave of Absence must be applied for and approved by the Director of Academic Engagement and the Vice President & Provost in advance of the trimester in which it is to be taken. Students registered for and attending classes are not permitted to apply for a Leave of Absence retrospectively. They must withdraw from any courses in which they are enrolled following College protocol. Students are responsible for being aware of the College’s Tuition Refund Schedule (section 10).

Students granted a Leave of Absence for medical reasons may be required to provide documentation from their healthcare provider that they are medically fit to resume their studies. Students failing to return from a Leave of Absence within one calendar year must apply for re-admission. If they are re-admitted, they will be governed by the degree requirements in effect at the time of re-admission.

Students on a Leave of Absence are charged a $150 matriculation fee for each trimester they are on leave.

Students that do not apply for a leave of absence and do not register for classes by the second week of the trimester will be administratively withdrawn. They will need to reapply to the College if continuing in a subsequent trimester. They will be charged a re-application fee of $150.

Please consult with your Academic Advisor as soon as possible if you are considering taking a leave of absence. After this, should you wish to proceed, please complete the Leave of Absence Form.

For more information, please refer to the GCNYC Catalog.

Students who are considering permanently withdrawing from GCNYC are strongly encouraged to discuss their situation with the Director of Academic Engagement first. Should it be determined that a student can and should withdraw, the student must complete the withdrawal form (including gaining all necessary signatures) available from the Director of Academic Engagement. See Section 10 ‘Fees and Refund Policy’ in the current GCNYC Catalog for more information. 

Students may request changes in their schedules only during the Drop/Add Period, which ends on the Friday of the first week of classes. No schedule changes are possible after the conclusion of the Drop/Add Period, nor is a schedule change considered official until it is processed by the Office of the Registrar.

To Drop/Add a course, students should contact the Director of Academic Engagement.

A verification certificate provides proof of enrollment or degree completion for a student’s financial lender, insurance company, sponsor, employer etc.

Kindly note: Enrollment verifications may include the total number of credit hours taken, current and/or past semesters enrolled, and status for current and/or past terms.

Degree verifications may include the program and major for degree(s) completed and date(s) of conferral.

Current Students and Alumni

Current students and alumni may request an enrollment certification or degree verification letter by submitting a request to the Office of the Registrar, at

** Only requests in relation to studies undertaken at GCNYC, in New York, should be directed to the Office of the Registrar. Enquiries regarding students who studied at our partner institution, Glasgow Caledonian University should refer to their relevant web page **

Third parties can request enrollment or degree certification by contacting the Office of the Registrar via mail or email. This request should include consent of the former student.

The College normally holds Commencement Exercises in December of each year to recognize students’ achievements. Normally only those students who have completed their graduation requirements (as certified by the Registrar) and who have met all financial obligations to the College (as certified by the Finance Office) are permitted to take part in the ceremony.

To register for the Commencement Exercise, please contact

All students, no matter in which trimester they complete their studies, are entitled to participate in the next Commencement ceremony following their completion of requirements.

All students taking a course at GCNYC will be required to pay tuition and other fees in respect of each course undertaken. Scholarships are available which may be applied to a student’s fee as detailed in the College Financial Assistance section of the GCNYC Catalog which is available on the GCNYC website. Fees are reviewed annually and are subject to change. Please see full policy here- College Catalog.

Students and Alumni may request a copy of their transcript by submitting a request to the Office of the Registrar, at


Students’ personal information and data is governed by FERPA, the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.  The law affirms that:

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