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Student Association (SA) represents and advances the interests of the GCNYC student body. The mission of the SA is to empower and unify the GCNYC student body. The mission will be met through student advocacy and organized interrelations between students, administration, and faculty.

The SA, on behalf of the student body, will be responsible for:

SA was created to represent, empower, and unify the student body across all cohorts, facilitating cross-functional dialogue between students, faculty, and administration. Joining the SA is a great way to meet and network with students, as well as established industry professionals who are faculty and friends of the school.

SA is open to every student at GCNYC. Approximately two students per cohort serve on the SA board for at least two full trimesters. Positions include Academic Board

Representative, Accreditation Board Representative, Secretary, Student Representative, Alumni Representative(s), General Members, and others as needed.Meetings are held at least three times per trimester, either in-person or virtually. All SA minutes can be found under “Announcements and News” on the GCNYC Commons/GCNYC Student Home page.

Current Representatives:

If you’d like to affect change, network, and improve GCNYC as we continue to grow and develop, we would love to have you on board! We’ve each made the choice to come to GCNYC for different reasons, whether to make an impact on a global level or just figure out what our next career steps are. This is a great opportunity to meet your fellow cohorts and build a strong network of students striving for these lofty goals!

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