GCNYC Resource Round Table hosted by the GCNYC Student Association

WHEN: Thursday, June 24th at 6PM EDT

WHAT: The Resource Roundtable will be an opportunity for our student community to come together to share tips, tools, resources, and ways to share information and make applying research, organizing our thoughts and learning feel easier and more rewarding!

Please feel free to respond to Catrina Reingold CREING200@CALEDONIAN.AC.UK with a tech hack you learned, or share something you are searching for, struggling with, or curious about how others do things to help the GCNYC Student Association get a sense for students’ needs so we can plan accordingly.

The GCNYC Student Association is looking forward to seeing you, connecting, and sharing!

ZOOM ID: 941 7592 1733
ZOOM PW: 075952


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