The Fashion Policy Initiative

The global fashion industry is a complicated and caustic place; policy is an integral and often missing component for creating a more sustainable and positively impactful fashion space.

The Fashion Policy Initiative is a project of GCNYC’s Center for Social Impact and Innovation started in 2022 which brings together stakeholders and advocates interested in understanding and advancing global fashion industry policy. 

The Fashion Policy Initiative is a member-led, inclusive group which brings together educators, students, researchers, advocates, industry professionals, leaders, entrepreneurs, designers, lawyers, activists, among many others.


The Fashion Policy Initiative is focused on building a world where legislation, regulation, and policy for fashion are realizable, advanced using credible data and research, and achieved through the support of an inclusive, educated, and empowered citizenry

Theory of Change

We believe systemic change for the fashion policy landscape comes through accessible, reliable, and transparent data; ongoing education; and iterative use of policy. As such, the work of the Fashion Policy Initiative is focused on the four areas of research, education, community building, and advocacy.


We believe that credible research and high quality data are important and often lacking tools for advancing meaningful policy for the global fashion industry. We support independent and unique research which helps make necessary legislative and regulatory policy more possible.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3


We are focused on educating anyone interested in policy for the global fashion industry including fashion industry stakeholders, citizens, lawmakers, press, and others through novel programming, events, published research, community engagement, and social media. We aim to bring greater understanding to how policy is developed, advanced, and adopted and why policy is necessary for the global fashion industry.

Community Building

We build community by bringing together stakeholders to support shared understanding and providing a safe space to learn about global fashion industry policy.


We are committed to ensuring the greater fashion industry and public understand the necessity of policy for the global fashion industry. We advocate for a productive culture of legislative and regulatory policy for the global fashion industry through the organization of our members in support of impactful legislation. 

Are you interested in global fashion industry policy and want to become a member of the Fashion Policy Initiative?

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