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Shareholder Resolutions for Sustainability and Impact

June 23, 2022, at 1pm EST

While sustainability policy is made in different ways by a variety of institutions, last year’s unprecedented proxy vote season showed that shareholder-led change can make an important difference in the impact of business on society. This year, a record number of shareholder resolutions addressing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues have been filed with the potential to change business policy on issues that include workforce diversity, carbon emissions, supply chain transparency, and packaging materials. In this event, a one-on-one conversation with Professor of Law at Rutgers University, Matteo Gatti, and the Director of the Center of Social Impact + Innovation, Gastón de los Reyes, will explore the law behind shareholder resolutions, how they influence boards of directors, and how this trend might impact the future of corporate governance and the planet. Ultimately, the question before the session is: Can shareholders make a meaningful and positive contribution to sustainability and, if so, now?

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Meet the Speaker

Matteo Gatti Headshot
Matteo Gatti Bio- Professor Gatti received his J.D. summa cum laude from the University of Milan, his LL.M. from Harvard Law School, and his S.J.D. in Corporate Law from the University of Brescia. He began his legal teaching career as an assistant professor at the University of Milan–Bicocca School of Law. Professor Gatti practiced on corporate and M&A matters in Rome, Milan, Moscow, and New York. Prior to joining the Rutgers faculty, worked as in-house counsel at a NYSE-listed media company in New York.