A Study on Water Repellent Fabrics, Its Evolution, Innovation, and Its Importance, Tapti Tapan

This research aims to understand and explore consumers’ experiences with water-repellent finishes on apparel and willingness to try on new or different garments with the finish. This thesis explores the innovations and advancements in technology that led to a broader range of products with water-repellent finishes. The research paper also provides a historical overview of how water-repellent finishes came into existence. What started as a crucial necessity during harsh weather conditions for soldiers in the trenches during World War I became a fashion product popularized by celebrities and fashion brands. This research paper explores the properties and importance of water-repellent finishes on apparel, identifies problems posed by water-repellent finishes, and offer solutions to these problems that will make the finish effective, functional, comfortable, and long-lasting. The purpose of this research paper is to examine and understand consumer preferences regarding water-repellent finishes on apparel. As such, this study aims to identify the preferences for water repellent garments for consumers between the ages of 18-45 in the United States. In order to gather quantitative and qualitative data: a mixed-method approach was used. A survey was utilized to explore consumer preferences in regards to water repellent apparel. Moreover, the survey questions wanted to explore if the consumers had previous experience with water repellent apparel, how many garments would they purchase with the finish at a given time, and where would they wear the water repellent apparel? The findings illustrated that the consumers surveyed valued water-repellent finishes and are willing to try different apparel with the finish. Furthermore, the consumers also value functionality and comfort as the main components of the finish. As a result, they are willing to suggest water-repellent finishes to their friends and family.

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