Mission, Vision and Goals

Mission, Vision and Goals — GCNYC

At Glasgow Caledonian New York College (GCNYC), we pride ourselves on our genuine, unwavering commitment to further the Common Good through our Master of Science degrees and non-degree programming. Designed for working professionals and aspiring professionals, our courses examine business through the lens of social impact and sustainable business development.

Another aspect of our academic mission is student well-being; our career-building coursework is designed to be rigorous and comfortably fit into a working professional’s schedule. In our close-knit academic community, we support our students, encourage their original applied research oriented toward systemic industry change and provide a world-class degree designed to develop sustainability and social impact careers.


As New York City’s College for the Common Good, GCNYC offers graduate degrees that prepare our students to be enterprising, compassionate leaders in social impact and sustainability. Guided by knowledgeable and experienced faculty, students learn to re-imagine business within the context of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, balancing profitability with the well-being of communities and the planet.

In fulfillment of this mission, GCNYC is committed to:

Vision for the Common Good

GCNYC is a premier, unique institution, serving the Common Good through education and research in profitability and sustainability for social benefit.


Our students, faculty, partners, staff and alumni are a learning community, who are mindful of the wider global context, with core values of:

GCNYC Identity

GCNYC is an independent, not-for-profit higher educational institution committed to the Common Good chartered in New York State, based in New York City, offering business-related, post-graduate programs grounded in sustainability.

Join GCNYC’s community For the Common Good

Our Master of Science degrees and programming at Glasgow Caledonian New York College are all woven into our core mission and values encapsulated in our passion ‘For the Common Good’.

Request information to learn more about our business, fashion and DEI Leadership programs that are dedicated to sustainable development and social impact.

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