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  • Learning Solutions & Human Capital Development

Corporate Learning Solutions & Human Capital Development

Glasgow Caledonian New York College (GCNYC) offers corporate learning solutions to foster human capital development for the Common Good. We design customizable professional development initiatives to target the unique needs of your business or organization at all levels. 

Our globally-minded mission explores how adaptable enterprises focused on social impact can achieve great success for all stakeholders. These vital aspects of business sustainability and risk management, based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, can be encapsulated in a bespoke learning solution for your company.

Benefits of Human Capital Development

As an academic institution, Glasgow Caledonian New York College is uniquely equipped to assist businesses with human capital development. Participating in the global economy is a complex undertaking that requires specialized and up-to-date knowledge. With our faculty’s dual expertise as industry practitioners and academics, we create lasting value for your organization by combining dynamic academic theory, the latest in applied research, and innovative industry knowledge. 

We know well the power and potential of knowledgeable people gathering together to work for a common purpose. That is the core of human capital development for enterprises; having educated leaders who are ready to harness the latest industry innovations and prepared to adapt to changing needs. Upskill your senior leadership and workforce to master the challenges of a global economy. 

Sustainability & Leadership Learning Solutions

All of our corporate learning solutions are bespoke, created to perfectly fit the business needs of our clients. Because our institution exclusively teaches graduate students, and has experience with online coursework, we are skilled at constructing pragmatic coursework for working professionals. Our professional development clients receive a learning solution that delivers lasting value without being overly time consuming for those participating. 

All of our efforts foster practical business success while remaining true to positive social impact, sustainability and the Common Good. Key stakeholders and consumers often demand that companies demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility, underscoring the importance of investing in a learning solution to provide that crucial knowledge. The flourishing companies of tomorrow will be committed to a more socially responsible future for the Common Good, for their employees and for their bottom line. That process of internal innovation begins with having the proper human capital development to foster leading edge business innovation about these topics.

Past Learning Solution Clients

Glasgow Caledonian New York College has worked with and delivered tailor-made learning solutions for renowned technology and fashion retail companies including: 

  • Macy’s 
  • IBM 
  • Walmart’s BONOBOS 

Previous corporate collaborations included a multi-week speaker series, a pilot initiative using blockchain technology and bespoke sustainability training. Our learning solutions are well-positioned to support internal sustainability or corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Inquire about corporate learning solutions with GCNYC!

Partner with Glasgow Caledonian New York College and invest in social impact professional development through our corporate learning solutions. Equip your workforce with the tools and frameworks to transform businesses into agile, purposeful enterprises that seamlessly balance profitability with making a positive contribution to society. 

For questions or additional information about our learning solution offerings, please reach out to admissions@gcnyc.com. We look forward to working with you!

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