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Simon Fischweicher

Simon Fischweicher is the Head of Corporations and Supply Chains for CDP North America. He leads CDP North America’s work to support companies on their journey towards environmental leadership by measuring and understanding their environmental impact in their operations and value chain.  This includes overseeing corporate disclosure, accelerating and expanding impact through CDP’s Reporter Services and Supply Chain memberships, and driving action through corporate commitments to science-based targets and 100% renewable energy. Prior to his current role, Simon had managed CDP North America’s Corporate Engagement team since 2016 where he increased disclosure to CDP’s Climate Change, Forests and Water Security questionnaires, including over 75% of the S&P 500. Simon joined CDP in 2015 where he worked on CDP’s Global Initiatives team driving corporate climate commitments ahead of the Paris Agreement. Simon holds a MBA in Sustainability from Bard College.


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