Circularity in the Fashion Industry: Communication Gaps in Relation to Textile to Textile Recycling, Emily Bass

This paper explores the value chain of textile-to-textile recycling and seeks to identify the communication gaps within this system. The paper examines different areas of the system including fashion brands and textile recycling companies to understand how these stakeholders cooperate with each other. The research also considers how outside contributors, such as circular technology, can affect communication gaps, data collection, logistics, and operations in the circular loop of textile-to-textile recycling. The research aims at understanding how communication can be improved between internal stakeholders, within a fashion brand, as well as between fashion brands and textile recyclers. This research examines if circular technology can help improve the communication between these stakeholders.

Key Terms: Circular Economy, Textile-to-Textile Recycling, Traceability, IoT,
Blockchain, Leadership

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