Congratulations to GCNYC graduate- Ailyn Cortés

Congratulations to GCNYC graduate Ailyn Cortés for the successful completion of her thesis, “Improving U.S. Small Manufacturing Businesses Approach Sustainability.”⁠

Ailyn’s study explores the role of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the global economy and the increasing importance of sustainability in the manufacturing industry. Despite their significant contribution to environmental pollution, SMEs have not fully integrated sustainable practices. The research aims to develop a strategy to help SMEs overcome barriers to implementing sustainability. Through qualitative interviews with executive-level professionals in U.S. SMEs, it was found that while there is a strong interest in sustainability, SMEs face financial and knowledge challenges in implementation. Findings provide insights and recommendations for improving sustainability efforts in small manufacturing businesses, including educating employees and developing a shared and aligned understanding of sustainability; providing resources and guidance to implement inexpensive and cost-saving sustainability practices; creating operating budgets for sustainability; prioritizing sustainability efforts in job positions, descriptions, and roles; allowing and scheduling time to review advances in sustainability practices; and creating and participating in networking across companies and industry sub-sectors.⁠

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