From Targets to Transformation: Tackling Tier 4 Climate Collaboration

February 13th 6:00 to 8:30
GCNYC Campus, 64 Wooster St.

ABLE EcosystemsGlasgow Caledonian New York College (GCNYC) and Peruvian cotton manufacturer Become invite you to join in closing NYC February fashion week with a look into the future of tier 4 systems change and collaboration.

Become is the first fully traceable manufacturer to work in collaboration with cotton farmers to build a fully engaged, bottom up, self reporting on inter-generational relationships, gender, soil health, biodiversity, water use and shared goals.

  • Get insights on direct to farmer engagement and priorities from our research report – now 2 years in development.
  • Explore farm level data across 100+ hectares in Chincha, Peru.
  • Join us for a collaborative discussion with Become Cofounder Javier Otoya, GCNYC Fashion Sustainability Program Director Michelle Gabriel, and Megan Meiklejohn SVP, Supply Chain Innovation – Land to Market Program at Savory Institute. Moderated by Shanley Knox Harruthoonyan, ABLE Founder and Chief Ecosystem Officer.
  • Shop Become’s first ready to wear collection, Unne, and explore their transparent manufacturing capabilities.

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