Using Human-Centered Design in the Fashion Design Process to Maximize Sustainability and Improve the Adoption of Innovative Ideas, Brittany DeColli

The actions caused by the fashion industry are causing substantial, and in some cases, irreversible damage to the environment. With an estimated eighty percent of environmental impact happening in the product design stage, fashion brands need to change the way they are currently working (“Make Fashion Circular,” n.d). While other industries have been early adopters of Human-Centered Design as a way to spur innovation and sustainability, fashion has only utilized this framework in a narrow way. This dissertation explains why the application of Human-Centered Design can lead to sustainable and innovative design solutions within fashion companies. If companies are able to change their mindset around the relationship between sustainability and innovation, design products with the intent to be reused, and use sustainability as a criteria for innovation, the fashion industry may be able to reverse its impact on the environment while maximizing profitability.

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